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Chapelton, Seamill

Site Plan and Prices

Below is the site plan for Chapelton, one of our current developments, and a list that shows prices and availability.

Chapelton siteplan


Chapelton Price List

Number Individual Homes Description Estimated Entry Date Price
8 The Flinders 3 bed paired sandstone villa Dec 2018 £255,000
9 The Flinders 3 bed paired sandstone villa Nov 2018 £259,000
11 The Flinders 3 bed crescent villa Dec 2018 £245,000
47 The Gimbals 3 bed detached cottage Feb 2019 £303,000


Large single garage 6m x 4m £18,000. Double garage 6m x 6m £24,000.
£500 reserves the home of your choice. A further £1,500 must be paid within 14 days to hold the property until entry.
Solicitors' details must be provided when paying second reservation amount.
Missives must be concluded 6 weeks from date of reservation or the deposit may be lost.
Reservations can be paid by cash, debit card, credit card, cheque or bank transfer.

Issued 26/09/2018