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Our homes meet new standards for carbon reduction and ecologically responsible living. Our experience of working with The Prince’s Foundation at Knockroon, Dumfries House Estate in Ayrshire ensures we are forward thinking and putting many of the the latest ideas into practice.

"Creating sustainable and green neighbourhoods is all about finding solutions that will stand the test of time - not about gimmicks or quick fixes."

Hank Dittmar, Author of Transport and Neighbourhood

Sustainability features, both standard and optional, available on our developments and bespoke homes include

  • Enhanced building envelope insulation.
  • Good natural daylighting and ventilation.
  • Dedicated low energy lighting.
  • Highly efficient heating systems. Options include the latest condensing gas boilers, log burning stoves, ground source heat pump systems, air source heat pump systems and photovoltaic panels.
  • Dual flush toilets.
  • Compost bins for the recycling of household and garden waste.
  • Recycling bins.
  • Washing poles or rotary drier in the garden and a retractable airer or pulley in the bathroom or laundry room.
  • Cycle racks in garages.
  • Natural materials.
  • Home User Guide - a document to explain the management of the home (especially the sustainable features) and surroundings to purchasers.
  • A sustainable urban drainage system to deal with surface water run off, where practical.
  • Architecture that suits the local climate and encourages homeowners to value and look after their homes.
  • Wildlife friendly features such as bat boxes, invertebrate hotels, log stores, hedgehog holes in fences and walls and bird baths.
  • Energy Performance Certificate – when you buy a Hope Home, we will provide an energy performance certificate that tells you about the energy efficiency of the building.

Energy efficient, sustainable homes can be designed to suit your tastes - whether you prefer traditional or contemporary architecture or something in between. We can help you design and certify to Passive Home standards if required.

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